10 considerations when buying a piece of land

Buying a land is a good investment since it can be the space to build a house or start a business. In addition a land will not lose its value, and it does not matter if you build or not it will always be a heritage for you and your family.

Acquiring land is not the same as buying a home, which is why we give you 10 considerations that you cannot miss when choosing land.

1.- Define its use: the first thing you should do is define the use that you will give to the space, since it is not the same a land to build a house, than a land to function as a warehouse or warehouse.

2.- Seek professional advice: if you are not an expert in the subject, look for someone who is, you will require the opinion of an architect, engineer, lawyers and even notaries. It is easier to look for real estate services since they already have a group of professionals in their team.

3.- Evaluate the commercial value: verify the commercial value of the land compared to others in the same area.

4.- Consider the socio-environmental aspects: verify the history of the land and the surrounding environment, as well as the activity surrounding the area, for this visit the place on different days and times to give you a transit idea, Noises and the number of people passing through the place.

5.- Evaluate access roads: an aspect that is later left aside are the access roads and the means of transport that are available to reach the place, consider all this to know if it suits you.

6.- Weather conditions: check the weather conditions of the place, it is advisable to visit the land at night or after a heavy rain so you can see how the area looks and if it is something you can deal with and especially to consider at the moment of the construction.

7.-Public services: another important aspect, especially when it comes to land, is to evaluate the services that will be accessed, such as drinking water, electricity, telephone, public lighting or waste collection.

8.- Deeds: so that there are no problems at the time of purchase, first make sure that the land has the deeds in order, that it has no debts or any legal problem that could harm you.

9.-Irregular land: sometimes you are likely to see a land at an irresistible price, but perhaps it is an unregulated land, if this is the case it is better to opt for another option since regularization could take years.

10.- Check the building regulations: before purchasing it, make sure you can use it and build what you want based on the current regulations in the area.

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