5 Reasons to buy a Property on the Beach

It is always necessary to take firm steps in the matter of investments, even when it is difficult to find profitable options. Throughout history, the real estate industry has become a safe investment mechanism and there are properties that have a very high economic return: beach properties.

Here 5 Reasons to Buy Properties on the Beach that are worth keeping in mind:

1) Limited offer

Something that distinguishes a beach property from other real estate, is that the amount of land in front of the sea is highly limited: less than 1% of the total land area is facing the sea. For example, in Cancun there are fewer and fewer areas for the construction of new residential developments, which represents a great investment opportunity. This phenomenon, which follows the behavior of supply and demand, has allowed these assets to gain value quickly because the less supply, the greater the price.

2) Goodwill

The developments that have had more boom and greater profitability represent are luxury properties in exclusive world-class areas. Investing in a residence or beach apartment not only offers the opportunity to enjoy a few months of sun, but also the benefits of good performance and optimal surplus value due to high demand, weather, sight, location and services. Many owners rent their property certain periods of the year and earn more income from these assets.

3) Strategic location

Virtually all beach destinations have 12 months of good weather. In addition, Mexico is between two and five hours away from major cities in the United States and even Canada. The airports offer direct flights to the main tourist destinations in the country.

4) “Dollarized” Market

The profitability of properties of all types in tourist destinations is excellent because this real estate market is one of the most “dollarized” in the country, which guarantees investors that their properties will not lose value with fluctuations in the type of change. It is a much shorter return on investment compared to others.

5) Tourist attractions

Its infrastructure offers modern airports, shopping areas, gastronomic centers and first-class entertainment, many highly competitive golf courses with breathtaking views, beautiful landscapes and water activities of all kinds. All this has contributed to making the Mexican real estate market in beach destinations one of the best investment options worldwide.

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